Friday, June 8, 2012


All links on this website will take you to information about Regular Freemasonry.
As a cautionary note, there are a few websites on the internet that offer membership in the fraternity of Freemasonry where they provide an online form and ask you to send in a payment, credit card information, etc., along with your contact information as a method to become a Free Mason.
The Freemason fraternity does not offer online membership. You cannot join Freemasonry via the internet.
All men interested in becoming a Freemason must contact a lodge (or a Grand Lodge, for direction in how to find a lodge near where they live).
As you can see from reading the above information of how to go about becoming a Freemason, it is a worthwhile process that takes time. simply provides Masonic information about how you may properly contact the fraternity regarding membership.
False information about Freemasonry has abounded for centuries.
With the inception of the internet, and its ability to provide "instant" information to everyone, please be aware that there are websites on the internet which provide anti-Masonic rhetoric, conspiracy theories, and other malicious mis-information to the unaware and uninformed about how to become a Freemason.
Fortunately, however, there are many, many more Masonic websites built by members of the fraternity that are highly informative and which do an excellent job of providing truthful information, which does justice to the craft.
As more and more people learn about Freemasonry's true beliefs and ideals, this mis-information will soon become a thing of the past and fade away to its rightful place in the scrap heap